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Genial System is the official sponsor of AC Monza for Serie A 2023/2024

Championing local support and commitment to excellence, Genial System is proud to announce its partnership with AC Monza for the 2023/2024 Serie A season.


This new collaboration marks an important step forward for two entities that share deep roots in Italy and ambitious goals. Genial System, a renowned PDR specialist, joins the family of Monza football as an official sponsor, following through the innovative and youth-oriented vision characteristic of both companies.


Giusi Tucci, who manages the Verano Brianza-based company, comments, 'We are thrilled to join the prestigious AC Monza team as a never-before sponsor for the 2023/2024 Serie A. This partnership not only allows us to strengthen our ties with the local area and the world of sport, but also gives us the opportunity to promote our relational and marketing strategies at a national level, reaching a wide audience of football fans all over Italy.”


Genial System's sponsorship of AC Monza is not just a commercial agreement, it is tangible proof of the company's commitment to supporting Italian football and contributing to the team's growth and success. With an eye on the future, Genial System and AC Monza are ready to embark on this exciting adventure together, with the common objective of achieving ever more ambitious goals.


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